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What type of photo booths do you offer?

All of our photo booths are quality made with great attention to design and usability. All of our booths are open air and look great in every setting, this also allows more poeple to engage with our booths at the same time. We have two main styles of booths that we can customize to your specific needs. The Socialbot and the Studiobot.

Does someone stay and operate the booth?

Yes, each rental of The Studiobot come with a Fotobot Boother. They will be their to ensure you and your guests have the best experience. Because the Socialbot was designed from the ground up for ease of use, we offer it with and without a Boother, depending on your needs. 

Why don’t you have pricing on your website?

We post our starting prices for each style of booth, but becasue each event varies in its needs, we believe its best to start a conversation with each of our clients so we can cater to your exact needs. We do have a basic price sheet we can provide upon request as well.

Does my rental include delivery and setup?

Yes, all of our rentals include delivery and setup unless you are renting a selfie station in this case we ship it to you with simple instructions for a quick setup. With all other setups we request that our Fotobot Boother has access to the venu up to 2 hours prior to the event for setup and up to 45 minutes after the event to tear down.

What type of power is required?

We only require one standard 10-15amp outlet

How much space is required?

A 10’x10′ space is ideal for optimal setup for the Studiobot as well as 8′ ceilings for the backdrop. If space is limited, the Socialbot might be the perfect option for you, as it only requires a 1x1′ footprint and is only about 5 foot tall.

Do you have props?

Yes, we have lots of props. You can choose from our fun standard sets or if you need something specific we can get custom props to match your theme.

How does the Fotobot work?

Our open air booth make it easy just to walk up tap the touchscreen to start the snappin’. Our Fotobot Boother is there the entire time with all Studiobot rentals to ensure the whole experience is seamless and fun. 

Do we get prints immediately?

Yes, prints each take about 8 seconds, and we print one for every person in the frame that wants one. Additionally as long as reliable wifi is available all of our booths also have the ability to send digital copies via text and email.

Do guests get to see themselves and their pictures?

Yes! All of our booths have touchscreens that show a live preview of the shot, so you can make sure you look your best. You will also be able to review your photos within seconds of each session. 

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