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Photo Marketing Selfie Staion

Your Brand Shared

This sharing machine was made for the digital age. WITH touch screen and built-in lighting, FOTOBOT makes it easy to create high-quality images and GIFs. CUSTOMERS then can share them seamlessly on all social media platforms or SMS. It loves social events, expos, retail locations, restaurants, night clubs or anywhere you want to get the word out.

We work with you to optimally place or mount Fotobot at your location, THEN our powerful and intuitive custom package of hardware, software, and lighting takes it from there.

Seriously Social

We build a microsite that perfectly fits your brand to host all the photos, gifs and boomerangs.

NOT ONLY DO THESE microsites reinforce brand awareness, BUT THEY ALSO GIVE you the ability to provide your CUSTOMERS an easy way to share their media diretly from the site.

Data & Analytics

WOULDN’T IT BE NICE TO view, analyze and download the data you COLLECT? WITH FOTOBOT WE HAVE MADE IT SO SIMPLE TO DO ALL 3 from your customer portal. LET US HELP YOU discover who your customers are, grow your email marketing campaigns AND use the data COLLECTED to PRECISELY TARGET your ideal client for your exsiting ad campaigns.

all-in-one solution

Photos | Animated GIFs | Boomerangs

This might be the most versatile booth available. One small kiosk with so many options and features.

Photo booth

GIF Booth

Boomerang Booth

Photo Booths That Fit Anywhere!

Modern, Sleek design that fits just about anywhere.

Rent or Subscribe

Boost your Brand Awareness

Restaurants, Bars, Orthodontists, Hotels

Conferences, Conventions, Expos  

Additional options
are available upon request.

Self-Service Photo Kiosk
Branded Photo Overlays
Photo Booth Props
Branded Microsite Gallery

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Servicing the Southwest & Beyond











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